11 julio 2012

PAC Manager 3.3.10 – Conexiones SSH en modo gráfico

Se ha vuelto a actualizar PAC Manager (Perl Auto Connector), un magnífico gestor gráfico que nos permite manejar más amigablemente conexiones SSH / Telnet  (tipo SecureCRT/Putty/etc y que soporta automatizaciones) e incluso enviar señales Wake-on-LAN
dbimage 10 PAC Manager 3.3.10 – Conexiones SSH en modo gráfico
Está escrito en Perl/GTK y esta es la lista de cambios de esta nueva versión (3.3.10):

. Added an option to password-protect PAC at startup and when restoring from tray (both optional)
. Added a check to ansure that the user does not accidentally starts *many* connections at once by drag ‘n dropping groups
. Fixed a bug that prevented from correctly pasting text (it appended “^M” at the end)
. Fixed a bug regarding password with *strange* characters (#, $, etc…) for RDP connections
. Removed the keyboard shortcut to change between tabs (conflict with some SSH functionalities!)
. Removed the the four Gnome2::Vte libraries (.rpm and .deb files) from the /opt/pac/res directory

Podemos instalarlo usando gestores de paquetes de .RPM o .DEB o directamente del fuente .TAR.GZ:

Basado en: http://www.ubuntips.com.ar/2012/01/26/pac-manager-3-3-10-conexiones-ssh-en-modo-grafico/

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